Around 170,000 Filipinos live in Hong Kong working as domestic helpers — nannies, caregivers, and house cleaners, who leave their families in search for a better life for them abroad.

Being a domestic helper is no easy task. It’s a gruelling, and at times abusive, 24-hour / 6-day a week job (with the seventh being their only day off).

One Way Ticket is a collection of some of their stories. Collected in late 2015, these photographs and words follow journeys of mixed emotions — mostly of sadness and longing for the company of their loved ones, but also of how they find simple joys through solidarity. More often than not, they’re made to feel like outsiders and inevitably struggle to find a sense of belonging within the foreign city.

The publication aims to give insight to their plight, telling of their strife, tenacity, and pure love for their families. It also hopes to encapsulate the indomitable spirit of the modern-day Filipino overseas worker, with gratitude in mind for those in society who perform such thankless acts of service.

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An ode to the unsung heroes of Hong Kong.