Samantha Lee’s Baka Bukas, which translates to ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, brings the portrayal of the Filipino LGBT to the present — a stark contrast to their stereotypical representation in current Philippine cinema.

The film speaks to the current generation of Filipinos and places them on screen. As Lee puts it, the title “evokes a feeling of hope, that maybe tomorrow it will be better.”

With typography by Trasienne Estrada, the poster designs for Baka Bukas came about through an approach towards an unconventional notion of femininity — a link to Lee's aim in moving the filmic representation of the Filipino LGBT from the past to the present.

Upon the film's release in November 2016, the poster design was used as the official identity for Baka Bukas wherein it was displayed in cinemas in Manila, as well as in film festivals in North America, Asia, and beyond.
For a film of its kind.