Esprit is a timeless brand loved by my parents (and Iā€™m sure by yours, too). It was highly regarded for its quality offering, and while Esprit has had its successes, its heyday is surely over.

This brand refresh brings Esprit back to life while heralding the things that made it great in the first place ā€” quality garments with an affordable price tag.

The refresh thoroughly looks at the history of Esprit, the current landscape of its market, and how it could strategise itself onto becoming a brand that becomes, once again, loved by many. The published brand book documents the ways it could do this: by finding a niche within the market, changing its product to speak to its niche, and updating its visual language and tone that work towards achieving its goals and delivering its promise.

Beyond product, the refresh promotes a distinct lifestyle unique to the new Esprit that allures and attracts the current consumer.
Giving a timeless brand some love.